Bemoan The Caged Country
by Nana Frema Busia

We tell ourselves such lies
With keen religious zest
That we love so much peace
Yet justice has no place
We kill with such rage
The marked prey at the Stakes

Fathers order blood sports
Sons execute at the forte
Without compassion we watch
As Mothers strike the erring match
That set the innocent ablaze
We exact torture that amaze
Our values all warped
A nation gone awry

The Pastor told the forbidden truth
Violence is our normal meal
Our accursed lovers, selfishness and greed
Seasoned lies and deceit
It is our nature to heed no pleas
Slaughter our own with vicious glee
Burn victims without reproves
We have no time for full truths
Our evil is so bullet-proof

Kill the innocent
Hail the guilty
Is This not our civil chant?

Corruption our demonic god
Money our reigning over-lord
Cry the polluted land
Bemoan the caged country
Primitive brutality has stained our tears
Our self inflicted wounds are real

"Damirifa due due"
Buried heroes in the ground
"Damirifa due due due"
Elevated souls in heavenly skies
Captain Max, our murdered 'star'
Rest Peacefully in your makers love

June 3 2017.
Salute to Capt. Maxwell Mahama.

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