Writers Project of Ghana

Happy New Year!

Writers Project of Ghana extends our thanks to you for your support and participation in our programmes throughout the 2020. We very much appreciate your interest, support, and participation.

2020 was a difficult year for most of us. Finances, schedules, relationships, health, religion, politics, social life -- these and more were put under severe strain. As we reflect on the months that have passed and work at recovering any lost ground, we hope that the worst is behind us, and a better to-morrow awaits us. We also note the unfortunate political disturbances leading to the loss of life on the continent, among which were the election troubles in Ghana, the protests in Nigeria, and the difficult campaigns in Uganda. We look forward to a time when such are no more.

For us as an organisation, the pandemic meant that many of our usual programmes had to be suspended. The reading series which we organise in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Ghana was put on hold for the year. However, we did organise a number of events, some virtually, and some in-person, with limited seating. These included two "Literary Crossroads" events, Pa Gya! A literary festival in Accra, and a special event with Prof Wole Soyinka organised in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Ghana, E-Ananse libraries, and Vidya Bookstores. The radio show, WPG on Citi FM, did not go live for most of the year. In response to the difficulties of the times, we also rolled out two trial programmes which we intend to continue in the coming year: The WPG Online series and the WPG Book Club Show.

We acknowledge the support of our sponsors, collaborators, writers and literary enthusiasts who have made our work possible. These include our main sponsors, Goethe-Institut Ghana and the German Federal Foreign Aid Office for the reading series and for Pa Gya! A Literary Festival in Accra amongst others, Citi FM for their continuous hosting of "Writers Project on Citi FM", the Authenticity Project, which endowed another edition of the Mo Issa Writing Workshops, Dakpabli Publishers who once again sponsored the kenkey brunch during Pa Gya!, and also the personal contributions of all our other benefactors, who have supported us in diverse ways.

We look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Happy New year!

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