Writers Project of Ghana

Mawuvi, Child Of The Most High

IN MEMORY OF my wife, the late Mrs. Vivian Wosornu

Alice Vivian Wosornu
Loved by the One, and so leaving no one behind.
Into this world you arrived eighty and one years ago
Christ Himself called you and retuned you
Eagle in the feathers of a dove!

Victorious in all that you touched
Incurably seasoned by the Water and the Blood
Vociferous in silence like a rose
“I died in the Lord; I’d vied for His grace”
Angels queue up for your parturition
Newest arrival in the latest fashion.

We would remember Mawuvi, child of God.
Our grief, though leagues deep, must be brief!
Second Sarah replete with Saraic laughter
Ordained by a Higher order, you’re now
Restored to your pre-stored glory
Never a replay until the recall.
United and at peace with The All in All.

This poem (was) inspired by the sudden and deeply saddening death of my beloved wife and Muse, Mrs. Vivian Wosornu (Mawuvi). May her gentle soul REST IN PERFECT PEACE.

Ladé Wosornu, Abelenkpe, Accra.
21 October, 2017.