Writers Project of Ghana

and so this dance
by Novisi Dzitrie

and this dance
you bring
beckoning me
dazzling me
charming me!

do i have liberty
to deem it as i see
the motives of your mazy motions?

and what if...?
what if
this dance you dance around me
is only a trap you bring to ensnare me
enslave me...
make me bow at the snap of your fingers
before your temple!
poor soul me
you scare me!

do I take it without
i’m just such a master drummer
so much so
i drum you beats
caressing the pulse of your soul
unleashing the flow of rhythm in you
with such dexterity at my finger tips
you canNOT resist!

so you come!
you come rolling your eyes at me
staring me a dewy-morning gaze
from the corner of your eyes

and so you come!

you come with the call of your glossy-lips
teasing me
seducing me
and leaving me
and leaving me
with the lingering wriggle
of your hips
you sex me!