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Ernest Addo, author and contributor to Accra Noir with "The Driver"; Billie Mcternan, artist, author, contribu...


The Fishman

November 30, 2017

by Amba Mpoke-Bigg

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Ghana Voices Series


Our Reading Series, The Ghana Voices Series is a monthly public reading event. The first event took place in July, 2010 at the Niagara Plus Hotel in Osu, and featured Martin Egblewogbe reading from his collection of short stories, Mr Happy and the Hammer of God. The second reading took place in August, 2010 at the Nubuke Foundation, featuring Nana Ama Brew Hammond reading from her novel, Powder Necklace.

The readings were then moved to the Goethe Institute in Accra, where they have since been held in collaboration with the Institute.

You may click on the links below to see the list of authors and their profiles.

About Us

WPG is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping Ghanaian writers explore and affirm their identity and culture.