Who We Are

The Writers Project of Ghana (WPG) is a literary organization based in Ghana. WPG was founded in 2009 by Martin Egblewogbe, Laban Carrick Hill (d. 2021) and Mamle Kabu in order to promote a literary culture in Africa and around the world. By supporting the growth of a literary culture, WPG advances the notion that a free exchange of ideas is essential to the health and prosperity of any community.

WPG is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping Ghanaian writers explore and affirm their identity and culture. In order to achieve these goals, we are dedicated to reaching out to all Ghanaian writers through our various programs and activities. Currently we offer public readings and poetry recitals, a weekly live-on-air radio program, and writing workshops, publishing opportunities, and more.

Mission Statement

The Writers Project of Ghana is a nonprofit based in Ghana for the sole purpose of promoting Ghanaian literature and writing through creative writing workshops, discussion groups, public readings, online publishing, and the establishment of a small press. In addition, the WPG intends to establish a reference library of African and World literature. WPG will work with all aspects of the Ghanaian literary community with the aim to foster economic development through the arts. WPG will be dedicated to being a hub of Ghanaian literary culture and a hothouse for nurturing both emerging and mature writers of all abilities.


You may contact the Writers Project of Ghana via e-mail: