Deadline Extended: Abena Korantemaa Oral History Prize (2023)

Deadline Extended: Abena Korantemaa Oral History Prize (2023)

Writers Project of Ghana announces the opening of submissions for the 2023 Abena Korantemaa Oral History Prize, an annual prize for Oral History narrated by a woman who is 65 years or older. The Abena Korantemaa Oral History Prize was established in honour of Abena Korantemaa by her family, and is sponsored by MAKEDA PR with media support from Joy News.

The prize is set up to encourage younger Ghanaians to document history and contribute to its preservation. The prize also seeks to encourage the production of creative non-fiction from Ghana. To enter the competition, you should make a voice recording of a piece of oral history told by a woman who is 65 years or older (not yourself), and send it to Writers Project of Ghana. The recording should be between 15 and 25 minutes long. You can make the recording using a voice recorder, mobile phone, computer, or other recording device. The recording should be clear and audible.

There are no limitations to the content of the submissions, but there will be preference for stories about the community and country. Personal stories related to historical and other past events are also encouraged. Please note that folktales and similar narratives that have NO connection with historical, personal and or real life experiences will NOT be accepted.

On request, the deadline has been extended and submissions are being accepted from now until Tuesday 19th September, 2023. The prizes will be awarded in October 2023, during this year’s Pa Gya! Literary Festival. The first prize is GHC 2,500.


  • The narrator must be an African woman who is resident in Ghana, and is at least 65 years old. Proof will be required by means of identification issued by authority (example: passport, national ID card, etc.).
  • The recorder/ prize entrant must be an African resident in Ghana, and be 18 years or older at the time of submission.
  • To enter the competition, send us a 15- to 25- minute recording of an oral history narration.
  • The storyteller or narrator should be the woman who must be at least 65 years old (and must not be you).
  • The recording may be done using a voice recorder, a mobile phone, a computer, or other recording device.
  • The story may be in English or a Ghanaian language.
  • Make sure that the recording is clear and audible.
  • Send the recording (audio file) to the Writers Project of Ghana WhatsApp number 0267668890, or via email to
  • Only one submission per person is allowed.

Please answer the following and add to your submission:

  • Name of recorder/ prize entrant.
  • Email address.
  • Telephone number.
  • Town/ City and Region. 
  • Name of Narrator. 
  • Age of narrator.
  • The language of the story/ narration. 
  • What the story/ narration is about.
  • Why you think people should hear this story.