Ray Ndebi

Ray Ndebi

Ray NDEBI is a Cameroonian writer, literary analyst, translator and book promoter based in Yaounde. He leads a large number of online and in-person creativity workshops.

His workshops include Literary translation, Creative Writing, Reading and Analysis and aim at helping African literature produce more books that can facilitate quality education; he works with associations, universities and school, hence his continuous research towards the new means of writing, reading and translating. His concept is Natural Writing; with the need to improve authors’ authenticity while preparing their books.

As a literary agent, he works with authors from the first line of their inspiration to the promotion of their literature.

He is also an editor, script proofreader, translation proofreader and guides publishing’s staff towards better ways to receive and treat authors’ pieces.

Ray NDEBI hosts several programs where literary actors and promoters appear to discuss the challenges of the new practices related to writing, reading, publishing and translation. He is co-founder of Ônoan Literature, and a member of Acolitt and Ghosts Universe, three groups that promote Books and Creativity across Cameroon and Africa.