Writers Project of Ghana

The Conquest

The drawn curtains give room for the sun to shower her rays onto the yellow bedclothes. The walls are white, and hanging there on one of them was a picture of Him. I stand, facing Him. Will he call? Look how cute his eyes are! Oh... I just can't wait to be His! But wait! He hasn't proposed yet. No, he hasn't... but he made eye contact with me last time, and I saw it in his eyes! Or should I call him? Oh how silly of me! I can't make the first move, I'm a girl! Oh dear! But does he know the couples' dinner is around the corner? How silly of me! Of course he does! Yes! It was after the announcement was made that we made eye contact! Oh most definitely he will ask me to be his date...

The telephone rings.

"Hello!! Hello!! Oh... mum. It's you."

I'm disappointed.

"No... no... I wasn't expecting anyone to call. Ok mum, I'll talk to you later. Bye."

Oh dear me.

The telephone rings again.

"Oh hi, Beatrice. No I've not been invited by anyone yet. You have? ...by Him?

"I'll call you later."

Oh how silly of me! I forgot he's dating Beatrice. Sometimes... just sometimes... this heart of mine deceives.

Thelma Gyasi is currently a third year student of English and Political Science at the University of Ghana, Legon.